The mostcomprehensiveportal of competitiveexams for yourchild’s practice

Becausepractice isthe first stepto excel incompetitive exams

Helps inunderstanding andbettering yourchild’s performance

Appearing for competitive exams from an early age helps in developing children’s thinking capabilities. It is therefore important for every child to participate in such exams. At the same time, to excel in these does require practice.

We at Balgyani are re-creating the atmosphere of these exams. We want to help students understand the strategy of approaching these exams and get used to the stress of performing under pressure. Once they start solving practice papers, we provide them insights into their performance and help them self-identify areas of improvement.

We are empowering students to face competitive exams with confidence and are happy to do so.

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Balgyani Advantages

Expert Educationists

Balgyani consists of a panel of experts from the field of education who have a rich experience in designing syllabus, coaching students, exploring teaching methodologies which make us unique in that we can provide excellent practice exams as well understand the strengths and weaknesses of your child.

13 Tests – All under one roof

Balgyani provides practice exams for 13 major competitive exams that help in identification of talent in areas of Math, Science, Sanskrit, Environment, Languages and Indian Mythology. The knowledge gathered during this journey will help students pursue greater heights.

26 packages, a lot of free tests too!

Balgyani offers more than 26 packages in addition to numerous free tests so we can cater to maximum students. Our free tests allow your child to try our exams, understand the reports we provide and be entirely convinced of the value we provide before you opt for a package.

Powerful performance analysis

Balgyani provides insights into a student’s performance with user-friendly reports. These reports help in understanding strengths and weakness through comparative analysis of sections, formulate a strategy to approach the exams and work towards better performance.

Will soon be available in Hindi, now in Marathi and English

Balgyani is continuously working to help more and more students in their pursuit of excellence. Our tests will soon be available in Hindi too.

Covers everybody from 5th - 10th standards

Balgyani covers all the major competitive exams for 5th to 10th standard students which will see them grow into the geniuses that they are. By registering with us, you don’t need to run to different centers for various exams and train from the comfort of home.

FOR5th to 10thstandards




will soon be available in hindi


exams we help your child prepare for



5th - English

5th - Marathi

8th - English

8th - Marathi



C V Raman

Homi Bhabha

Science Olympiad






designed & conducted by Balgyani

Sanskrit Talent Search



designed & conducted by Balgyani

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4


Indian Mythology

Katharup Ramayan

Charitra Ramayan

Katharup Mahabharat

Kranti Gatha

Balgyani has been of a great help in explaining and letting the students practice test papers by providing various case studies through examples. I would like to thank them for providing us students with such a platform !

Adwait Gokhale, Student, IES Modern English School, Dadar.

Balgyani provides us with formulating the questions papers as required! The portal has been of a great help as it provides the students the flexibility to evaluate their performance and improve.

Mrs. Tarangini Khot: (Member, Text Book Committee of Sanskrit Balbharati)

It is great opportunity for all the students to learn and evaluate themselves through such exams. We thank Balgyani for such elevating the students and providing such a platform!

Mrs. Shinde Principal, IES Sane Guruji Vidyalay, Dadar.

Being a mentor I have seen a significant growth in the students which has led them to achieve and perform well in their exams. I’m proud to be a part of Balgyani and hence encourage the students to actively participate in all the exams.

Mrs. Jayeshree Bhabe, Fr. Agnel Multipurpose School, Vashi.