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About Balgyani

We are a team of people who have been involved in various educational initiatives for overall development of children. We have a collective experience of 18+ years in this field. BalGyani is a platform which, with the help of technology, will take our experience and expertise to a lot more students and benefit them in their academic lives.

Our Story

A Teacher deep-rooted in school education and highly experienced in competitive exam coaching, a Technocratic Entrepreneur and an Analytics and Business leader came together to start this platform. We aim to innovate the school-level competition/exam preparation space and help you prepare better. We want you to discover your interests in academics and excel in them, so that you get an edge in today’s competitive world!

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Empower young minds for their educational aspirations and help them discover their inclinations and talent.


Prepare students for the competitive world and increase their knowledge quotient by use of technology in the subjects of their interest.