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BalGyani is a platform to prepare for various school-level competitions or competitive exams. Such competitions play an important role in a student’s life when it comes to exploring his/her interests and exceling in them. Our practice exams and tests are made by experts so that you give your best in these exams.

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Dr. Homi Bhabha Young Scientist Competition is a talent search competition which selects and awards students with deeper understanding of scientific concepts. If you are a student who is very much fascinated by science you should take part in this competition. Winning such competitions always feels great and gives you an edge over others. At the same time, even just preparing for this competition will broaden your understanding of science and make you a better science student.

Our exams/tests are designed by a team of educational experts. These tests resemble as much as possible in exam pattern and difficulty level with the actual exams so that you are fully prepared for your final exam day.

Our expert team at BalGyani ensures that our difficulty level is at par with the actual exam. So, you can expect similar difficulty level in real exam. Neither easier nor harder.

Every time you complete a test, we offer post-test analysis of your performance to you in an easy-to-understand manner using graphs and charts. This is termed as Analytics. The analytics capture all important parameters related to your performance. Be it concept, speed or question selection. It is advisable that you spend considerable time to analyse your tests for improving your scores. Analytics comprises of six sections:

  • Questions and Answers

  • Sectional Performance

  • Time-based Performance

  • Difficulty Selection

  • LeaderBoard and Badges

Your Post-test Analytics should help you in this. You need to study topics whose questions you skip or regularly get the answers wrong. You also need to study how to reduce time required for solving questions which are consuming lot of your test time. Such topics will be easily identified by SWOT Analysis as Weaknesses and Threats.

The leaderboard is a space in Analytics which hosts the names of top 4 scorers of a particular test. You need to analyse your performance in detail. Gain clarity and speed in your weak sections by practice. Need to learn to manage your time well across questions. Set targets for yourself and better yourself every day. With the help of dedication, regular practice and effective analysis you can surely make it to the LeaderBoard.

Badges is a concept used by BalGyani to help you keep track of your achievements. We have two types of badges- League badges and Personal badges. You earn a Gold League badge for scoring 91+%, Silver League badge for scoring 81%-90% and Bronze League Badge for scoring 70%-80%. Personal badges are for self-assessment. You have to set a target for yourself before attempting any test. If you achieve this target you get Personal badge.

If you want to prepare thoroughly with BalGyani, you should buy Power Package. If you just want to go through the basics or if you have previously practised enough and just need a brush up or variety of questions you can go with the basic package.

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