Sanskrit (Entire) 10th standard

Hello Gyanis!!

Ready to warm up for the the 10th??

A team of Sanskrit teachers have come up with a warm-up kit for the students of 10th standard SSC board. As we are all aware, a comprehension based new paper pattern has been introduced for the SSC board Sanskrit Exam that expects a strong hold on content from the students. These warm up tests have been designed to facilitate the same. Following the MCQ method, these questions are not a replica of the board paper. However, they test the student on the required detailing in content and clarity in grammatical concepts that will help them tackle the board paper with greater confidence and improved understanding.

  • Tests to your door step. Solve as per your convenience.
  • Testing made fun. Answer with a click of the mouse.
  • Entire portion divided into 10 tests. Attack the portion part by part and ensure 100% accuracy.
  • Questions in Sanskrit ensure ample practice of reading and understanding questions in Sanskrit.
  • Immediate results make evaluating the progress of the child easier for parents and teachers.

Have fun studying, enjoy the testing, rejoice in the success!!

All the Best!!!


Package Name Test Package Price () Exam Format
Sanskrit (Entire) 10th Standard Trial Free 1 Test
Sanskrit (Entire) 10th Standard Basic 500 10 Tests
Complementory Sanskrit-10th Trial Free 1 Test

Syllabus & Exam Pattern

Syllabus for 10th standard

Test Syllabus
Test One Lesson One : अनर्घाः षड् वैद्याः।
Poem One : सुभाषितमाला-१।
Appendix 2 : Sentences 1-10
Test Two Lesson Two : ऊर्जासञ्चयः एव धनसञ्चयः।
Poem Two : सिकतासेतुः।
Appendix 2 : Sentences 11-20
Test Three Lesson Three : शिल्पकारः करमरकरमहोदयः।
Poem Three : नमामि राष्ट्रध्वजम्।
Appendix 2 : Sentences 21-30
Test Four Lesson Four : आत्मिकी संपद्।
Poem Four : अन्त्याक्षरी।
Appendix 2 : Sentences 31-40
Test Five Lesson Five : पक्षिमित्रा भवामः।
Poem Five : बुऱ्हाणपुरशिलालेखः।
Appendix 2 : Sentences 41-50
Test Six Lesson Six : रसास्वादनम्।
Poem Six : सुभाषितमाला-२।
Grammar : क्रियापदरूपम्।
(भवान्-त्वम्) वाक्यपरिवर्तनम्।
Test Seven Lesson Seven : ज्ञानकल्पवृक्षः।
Rapid Reading One : कलानां प्रवरं चित्रम्।
Grammar : नाम, सर्वनाम, सति सप्तमि।
Test Eight Lesson Eight : अमूल्यं विद्यते सर्वम्।
Rapid Reading Two : संस्कृता वाक्।
Grammar : Participles, Voice.
Test Nine Lesson Nine : द्वे कथे बोधमोददे।
Appendix 1 : Special Usage of Roots and Indeclinables
भिन्नार्थक शब्द।
Test Ten Grammar : समास, वाक्यपरिवर्तनम्(Causal), संख्यावाचक.